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Hi All,

In this Blog I’m going to be very British and talk all about the weather …

Looking back at last years records we have quite a different story with the weather this summer season, which is great in some ways but not so good for the South Westerlies we have become so accustomed too ….

May has proved to be a great month for Kitesurfing lessons, with the waters warming up and a fair run of breezy days. Experienced a real mixed bag of conditions … I’m just pleased its dryer than last season. Right now were on a  North Easterly airstream and one strong enough to block any wanting South West Sea Breeze. Though while running a lesson down at Lancing today the wind swung a full 180 degrees for 1/2 an hour just proving how much the South Downs effect has so much influence in this area. Alas the stronger North Easterly won its battle to persist through the afternoon. Viewing the forecast, this airstream seems to be settled in for a few days at least so lets see what happens …

The real good news  I’m finally experiencing some flying on the hill with the bigger wing. Last year it hardly saw the light of day due to constant low pressures pushing up the English Channel … not forgetting the rain!

So as today proved … Keep a good eye on the flags … as you may squeeze a cheeky kitesurfing session or two in on a short lived Easterly sea breeze …

If your seeking further a field … Happy Wind Hunting!!


stava 🙂



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