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Good question … why should you learn to kitesurf on the South Coast of England, especially in the Brighton area …

To answer in one sentence is proving to be quite a challenge … so here’s a good few reasons why!

  • The Brighton area of the South coast has consistant Sea Breezes accelerating meteo winds from the west to produce epic conditions between the months of April & September.
  • Variable sea conditions stretches your ability to be a more rounded rider in future years.
  • Many Beaches facing alternative wind directions with the added option of clubs offering safety.
  • Most popular beaches now host approved schools ideally BKSA recognised and licensed by the local councils.
  • No more than an one to one and a half hours to Beach when travelling from London.
  • A large window of opportunity for space on the beach at low tide which is the most ideal time to learn the sport.
  • The opportunity to enjoy downwinders for many a mile in a safe environment
  • There’s many a secret spot … Your just going to have to discover that for yourself ย … ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • If the wind drops, there’s plenty of other options such as good SUPing, Kayaking and sometimes surfing conditions.
  • In land there’s great biking for all levels and paragliding if you dare try?!
  • In a nut shell I’ve heard many a rider state who have experienced great locations around the world … That when its good on the South coast its as good as anywhere …

Its probably no coincidence that many a high standard windsurfer have highly developed their skills when training on beaches with in the South coast over the past 30 years. To date Kitesurfers are now enjoying the same luxury so when choosing an area to learn … Why not choose BN1 Kitesurfing, Brighton number one kitesurfing school based on the South Coast.

Have Fun!

Stav ๐Ÿ™‚

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