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What an August!

Weather wise it’s been a real mixed bag of conditions, and all of them allowing us to be on the water. From weather fronts to sea breezes we have experienced the lot! But needless to say theoretically the UK Summer is over and we’ve progressed into an Autumn month. Lets hope we get a little end of season Indian Summer …

My variation in student nationality’s has been pretty varied to … from Latvian, Lithuanian, French, Greek, Oz, South African and the list goes on … It’s been ace fun and really cool to meet so many people from many different walks of life … Do let it carry on!

During the high tide mark at Shoreham Kevin Macguire has been showing off his pogo and ducking skills smashing up the big stuff where many would not dare. Check out those photo’s by Howard Kearley, the action and the quality of the shot is very impressive!

Today was a smashing day! Having the privilege of teaching an old school friend Chris from 25 years ago. Brought back a lot of good memories. Oh how we were all little acorns then … !

So here’s to a great season so far and let’s hope the wind Gods prevail to send us some memorable days ahead!


stava 🙂

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