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British Kitesurfing conditions lasted right up until the day I leaved, but when it’s time to go … you got to go! And it didn’t take long to get there either … 13 hrs to drive to Davos/Klosters to be exact … with some good tunes, time flew by!

On arrival the mountain resembled a landscape scene from the med, but within 24hrs the icing was on the cake. Amazing how you can witness such a transformation …

Life was all a bit Jam packed during the past 2 weeks and in true Synergy style I was teaching skiing on the slopes by 11am the next morning. Who said anything about sleeping! and who said anything about the pain from beach feet to boot ache … Wow! Legendary! New boots and alternative sport … So a quick trip to Heierling the boot magician worked wonders!

With two white out and two blue days and forecast for more snow the outlook looks promising … So here’s to a good start to a new season. So pleased we’ve experienced some Pow wow so soon!

Nice one to our first to clients! Ben for pushing his limits through the challenging conditions and always good to shred with Ian at least once a year …

More news soon!

stava 🙂

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