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Kitesurfing Lessons & Courses

Bespoke training to suit you.

Tuition & Coaching

Beginner Packages

1 / 2 / 3 Day Courses

Private Sessions 1:1

Bespoke refresher or progressive 1:1 session to achieve the best results


Advanced training beyond the beginner/intermediate program


Safe & independently riding upwind in various conditions there is an option to Hire

BKSA Qualification

Sessions are structured around the BKSA and IKO standard with the option of a qualification.

BN1 is an approved South Coast Kitesurfing School by the BKSA, Lancing Kitesurfing Club and Lancing Council.

Find a session which suits you below

Try Power Kiting

Introduction to 2 Line Power Kites

Learn the Basic Flying Skills related to all traction power kite sports for example, Buggying, Land boarding or Snow kiting.

Location – Telscombe Tye/South downs/Lancing Beach

Content – Site Assessment, Basic equipment Chat, Rigging Kites, Introduction to Safety Mechanisms, Principles of flying, steering, and kite control, Buddy communication, Launching & Landing

Cost – £80pp for 2 hrs (Max 6 per group)

£30 Deposit pp  *Please read the T&C’s

Book and pay your deposit online or talk today 


ONE DAY Course

Introduction to the Flying Skills of Kitesurfing

If your seeking a starter course into kitesurfing this is the one for you. First steps are learn to use a land power kite as a power source, harness the power and then extending those skill sets to a four line kite applicable to all kite sports.  To compliment your practical skills there’ll be some theory on location and weather awareness plus more.

Location – Telscombe Tye/South Downs/ Lancing Beach

Content – Site Assessment Basic equipment Chat (2 line/4 line Power & Water Based Kites), Rigging Kites (2/4 line Power & intro to water based kites), Introduction to Safety Mechanisms, Principles of flying with a basic knowledge of the wind window while acquiring the skills of Steering, Harnessing & Trimming your Kite, Essential Buddy communication plus Launching & Landing

Cost – £120pp (Max 4 per group)

£30 Deposit pp  *Please read the T&C’s

Book and pay your deposit online or talk today


Two Day Course

Day one syllabus with the second day being your first session in the water.

Probably one of the most exciting sessions you’ll experience, transferring your new found flying skills into the water, plus more. This session can & may be repeated many times until your happy with your flying skills in this new environment.

Location – Lancing or an alternative beach pending wind direction & tide

Content – Water Based Site Assessment, Recap Essential Buddy Communication Signals, Recap Harness Flying, Recap Safety release mechanisms, Water Relaunch Principles, Practice Body Dragging – downwind, across, upwind & one handed techniques, Self Rescue

Qualification: BKSA Level 1

Cost – £220pp (Max 2 per group)

£60 Deposit pp  *Please read the T&C’s

Book and pay your deposit online or talk today


Three Day Course

Day One & Two syllabus and with the addition of Day Three, this is an opportunity to focus on the core fundamentals of Board skills or furthering your kite flying to reach this phase

Location – Lancing or an alternative beach pending wind direction & tide

Content Site assessment, Equipment chat, Recap water relaunch, Kite Body dragging with board, Board start theory on land, Board Balance, Board start, working towards First rides

* This session content will only be offered if your kite flying skills are at the acquired standard for Day 1 & 2

Cost – £330 pp (Max 2 per group)

£90 Deposit pp  *Please read the T&C’s

Book and pay your deposit online or talk today


PRIVATE Session 1:1

From Beginner to advanced phases of learning, Private 1:1 sessions are the ultimate choice to invest in as this time is just about you.

Basic – Advanced flying skills

Further Bodydragging



Working on your independent riding skills

Light & Strong wind Flying

Coping with variable sea states & tide

More advanced riding

Jumping Skills


Riding Directional Boards

Wave Skills

Bespoke sessions designed around your learning style. Alternatively if you just want inspiring, give us a call and we’ll offer something extra to add to your kitesurfing toolbox.

*On water Radio Communication to bridge the gap between student and teacher.

£60 an hour with a Minimum of 2 hours

£30 Deposit pp  *Please read the T&C’s

Book and pay your deposit online or talk to today




Coaching is all about you or could be others in a group. Focusing on your technique to perform with precision & style of your own.

Coaching Focus

Kite & Board performance

Managing Sea States & Tide Marks

Transitional Skills

Air Time

Air Time with Style

Riding Surfboards

Managing & riding Waves


If any of the above sound familiar or you have any other wishes try a Private or Group Coaching Session to Boost your ride!

The Camera Never Lies

Cost – £60 per Hour

£30 Deposit pp  *Please read the T&C’s

Book and pay your deposit online talk to today




Equipment hire session under the supervision of an instructor

You must be at a level that we feel confident in handing over equipment to you after a short assessment. At least staying upwind in various conditions with an acquired understanding of board retrieval skills

Cost – £60 per Hour

£30 Deposit pp  *Please read the T&C’s

Book and pay your deposit online or talk to today





Kit Set Up – How to get the best out of your personal equipment. We’ll help you tune your kit with endless amounts of technical knowledge.

Cost – £30 per session



Workshops in partnership with Lancing kitesurfing club.

Free Safety Workshop for Lancing Kitesurfing Club (TBC).

Meet (2016 dates TBC) In South Lancing Car Park.

Open Discussion on how to get the best out of your performance with safety in consideration.

Equipment Maintenance.

Recap on how to self rescue your self using your own equipment.

Local Beach Safety.



All the above options can be purchased as Gift Vouchers!

Simply get in touch and we can arrange the perfect birthday surprise or present.


Specialist Coaching Sessions in advanced skills from Twin Tip to Surf to Foil Board riding

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